Behind the Scenes: Made in Peerspace

Photographers working in San Francisco dream of the perfect space to create in.
But if you're like me and can't afford to own your own space, you rent one when needed — that's when Peerspace comes in handy. 

Brian Chan -  @imchanism

Brian Chan - @imchanism

Recently, I had the chance to collaborate with Peerspace to create images in one of their amazing selection of studios in San Francisco. With plenty of natural light, very tall ceilings, white walls, and all the amenities needed for a video and photo shoot, I chose this incredibly spacious studio. There's just something about a blank space that makes my mind explode with inspiration.

Needless to say, I didn't want to leave this studio. Sigh...someday I'll have my own, but in the meantime, Peerspace is perfect. 
Try it out for your next photo or video shoot! The app is super easy to use and they provide descriptive information and photos of the space so you don't have to do any guessing to see if it works for your needs. 

Book your next space rental with 5% off HERE!

(It's not just for photographers, they also have spaces for events, meetings, pop-ups, etc.)

Matt Maniego -  @mattmaniego

Matt Maniego - @mattmaniego

Studio space time lapse | Melissa de Mata Photography - Made in Peerspace

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Made in Peerspace | Studio time lapse San Francisco

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