Albion Castle, San Francisco

Spent an afternoon exploring a piece of old SF with San Francisco Day and Splacer
Albion Castle was built 140 years ago by John Hammel Burnell. First, it functioned as a beer brewery, then after the Prohibition happened, the owner pivoted into a water company. This Norman-style castle is believed to be built from stones used as ballast for ships sailing into San Francisco to load up on gold. 

Now, it's a historic setting to host your next event or use for a film/photography production. Learn more on | Albion Castle
Sasha Svereva |  @sanfranciscoday

Sasha Svereva | @sanfranciscoday | Albion Castle
Brandon Tran |  @dopensteez

Brandon Tran | @dopensteez

Ashley Conway |  @ashroseconway

Ashley Conway | @ashroseconway | Albion Castle
Junipero Gin  | Anchor Distillery

Junipero Gin | Anchor Distillery | Albion Castle
Natasha Kolenko  | Floral Design

Natasha Kolenko | Floral Design

Cyndy Alfaro |  @cyndyalfaro

Cyndy Alfaro | @cyndyalfaro | Albion Castle | Albion Castle | Albion Castle | Albion Castle | Albion Castle

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