What's Rocksbox?

The beginning of this year, I promised to myself that I'd accessorize a bit more. Just some sparkle here and there in addition to the two thin gold bracelets I wear on both wrists all the time. 

That's where Rocksbox comes in. What is it? Well, it's a jewelry subscription service — similar to old school Netflix where you'd rent dvds and mail them back when  you're done. But instead, you get cute jewelry to try out for the month. 

When signing up, Rocksbox determines your style through a set of questions and preference selections. Then, one of their stylists curates a set for you and it's delivered to your home in a personalized jewelry box. 

Each piece comes in individual black pouches. When you're ready to return, just place the items back in their mini pouch. 

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The best part? A free return shipping label is included with the package.

And if you end up loving the pieces, you can keep it and purchase it to add to your collection. 

Try Rocksbox FREE for one month.