OOTD: Hey Cool Girl!

I can never have too many sweaters. This pullover by Closet Piece is seriously the comfiest one I've worn in a long time. And while I usually don't gravitate towards words or graphics on my clothes, this had such a fun message and cool script that I couldn't pass it up. 

You can get your very own "Hey Cool Girl" or "Bossmom" shirt HERE

And as you can see, I've gone blonde! It's definitely a shocking transition for me since I naturally have jet black hair. I'm now realizing that lighter hair is changing the way my skin looks, I think it's time for a new makeup routine. 

But, I won't be blonde for too long. I ultimately want to have this look and I can't wait! 

Hair color and cut by my talented sister-in-law, @missjoicey. Going from black to ashy blonde took 6 hours. Note that not all hair types can handle this much processing. Luckily, I apparently have strong hair. Good thing because it'll have to go through another round of bleaching and toning.