Maternity: Kimberly + McWendell

On my first maternity session with Kim and McWendell, it was gloomy and foggy. The photographs' mood definitely reflected the weather. We decided that we'd need to do a second shoot when the climate was better. And during this day, it wasn't just better, it was perfect | Maternity Photography

It's amazing to see how life changes right before your eyes.
I witnessed these two share vows to each other during their wedding a couple years ago. And now, I'm witnessing them bring life into the world. I'm also witnessing how they're not only growing as people, but adjusting into their new roles as parents. | Maternity Photography

A couple of months ago they shared some news with us. Their baby will be born with a heart defect and would have to go through surgery the first week of being born. It was so heartbreaking to hear this. When two of the nicest people you know are handed a tough card, you can't help but ask why? | Maternity Photography

But you know what, the answer came to me almost immediately. It's because they can deal.
They have the strength, love, and support to get them through this challenging time. More than that, they have a mighty little girl that will fight like a champ. I know, I've felt her heavy jabs on Kim's belly. | Maternity Photography

It was truly an honor to capture these moments for the parents-to-be and even more of a privilege to be their friend.
Follow their journey on Kim's blog, Momma Mighty.

I'm looking forward to welcoming our little "mighty" into the world.
Baby girl Leona, we're ready for you. | Maternity Photography | Maternity Photography

Location: Montara State Beach, CA