Life Update #3: I Just Woke Up From Food Coma

Really. I did. 

I had a huge late lunch, followed by cake and coffee, then I fell asleep trying to finish watching Star Wars Episode IV. Now I'm awake, groggy, and trying to remember what happened this past week that's worth writing about. 

1. I fell down the stairs. 

Don't worry, it's nothing serious. I didn't break anything (thank god!) but I did land on my hip to save my camera from shattering into pieces. Hi there ugly bruise.
What did I learn? Do not rush down the stairs while wearing PLATFORM HIGH HEEL BOOTS. duh. *face palm moment right there.
Also, I only fell down from the last two steps. Makes the whole situation funnier if you think about it. Good thing my housemates didn't see me in my state of ridiculousness at the base of the stairs.
After feeling a bit dizzy and light-headed, I  went right out the door and headed to an early morning shoot.

2. Saw this photo on Instagram and just had to Snapchat it: 

IMG_1970 2.JPG

At least the flowers weren't in his beard. That shit totally grosses me out for some reason.
If you feel so inclined to follow, my snapchat name is: melissademata

3. Food bloggers don't really eat. 

If you look really closely, you can see me in the top phone standing on the chair taking this photo. 

If you look really closely, you can see me in the top phone standing on the chair taking this photo. 

We arrange it, take photos, edit for Instagram, Twitter it, and Snapchat it first. Once the food is cold, then we eat it. haha
But really, ya gotta get the shot first. Then we totally devoured everything! 
Hanging at Melody Cafe with Kelly of A Side of Sweet, Katey of Violet Fog, and Ally of Fashion by Ally.

4. Feminism in the art world - we still need it. 

Part of the reason I co-founded Visceral Vision was to bring more attention to the art and images created by women photographers and artists on Instagram. We do not have anything against men. These guys are our friends and they are artists we admire whose work constantly inspires us. We're just trying to give more visibility to the women. We want to meet them, even if it's online, and band together to support and lift each other up. 

Follow us on Instagram @visceralvision and get inspired by a new female photographer everyday.

See you next week!