Brunchin' & Stylin'

Last month I attended my first food & photography workshop — Brunchin' & Stylin' by I Forgot It's Wednesday and Cultural Chromatics. We learned how to poach an egg, plate our food, style it for optimum presentation, photograph it, then of course, eat it (that part, I certainly didn't need help with)! Not only did I almost successfully poach and egg for the very first time, I was able to play around with food styling and photography. | Food Photography

Video by Sarah M. Park | Food Photography

Chef Jenny Wang walked us through the 5 basics tastes: sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and umami — that indescribable yummy flavor that makes your stomach happy, mouth salivate, and insides dance. | Food Photography

Then she showed us examples of different plating techniques while giving us tips and tricks to help our food stay in place. | Food Photography

Photographer Nanette Wong explained how to setup food for photography, natural lighting techniques, prop styling, and editing processes for both DSLR and mobile photography. | Food Photography | Food Photography | Food Photography | Food Photography | Food Photography | Food Photography

Here you'll see my finished plate! Notice how my egg has no whites? Well, they decided to divorce from each other during my first attempt at plating and the yolk realized that it would much rather be hugged by a nice piece of bacon. | Food Photography

I had such a great time learning food tricks and new photography techniques from two very talented women. The class size was small enough that we all got a chance to mingle, chat, play, and eat. 

So, who's coming to the next one with me?

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